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Part 2


Dr. Ricardo Enoch Nuñez

May 12, 2006


I have been asked this question by many people:  what are my thoughts and views on immigration?  Before I go into my personal views, I would say that Leviticus and Deuteronomy, along with other books of the Bible give us the Lord’s point of view which should be the cornerstone of how we look at this situation:  that being that anyone wanting to come into this country must, first acknowledge our laws and customs, but above all else, acknowledge our spiritual beliefs.


Now right off, we see the problem with this issue.  Many in this country do not acknowledge a belief in the Bible nor do they follow the scriptures.  They live by their own mandate; which upon closer look resembles something more like Freemasonry, the love of oneself or freedom to do their own will over what God’s will is.  Scriptures tell us that we are to accept people from foreign lands if they are willing to accept our culture and our ways, but most of all, our God.  And for those who do not, we’re not to go into their land and they’re not to come into our land.  


Another major issue with immigration is that our policies seem to be corrupt from the top of the tree down.  The immigration laws as they stand, promote and admit an organized criminal element, while those who legitimately attempt to fill out the needed paperwork and abide by the laws to come into this country legitimately are denied over and over; continually having to pay filing and form fees until someone is satisfied.  Then all of a sudden, that same person who has been denied entry into this country for many years, for no other reason, is allowed to come in, once everyone’s palms have been greased.  Another problem with immigration is that it seems to be skewed against those with darker skin.  The whole situation with the border and the mad rush to build a wall has made normally wise people into fools. 


Now we want to build a wall.  Where did we hear this before?  Was anyone around when Reagan asked Gorbechev to tear down the Berlin wall?  And did anyone notice how oppressed the people were on the other side of the wall?  Does anyone remember the atrocities that took place in the shadows of a wall erected to divide people?  Walls are rarely used to protect people.  Walls are erected to give you a sense of hopelessness, and to tell you that what’s on the other side, you will never be good enough to be a part of. 


Walls are also dangerous in that it is inevitable that sooner or later, the ones who built the wall will want to build bigger and longer walls until they have imprisoned themselves and have ostracized themselves from the rest of the world.  Once this is achieved, those who are safely inside the borders of their own walls, become more neurotic and turn on each other, having no one else to point the finger at as the bad guy.  And the self destructive cycle is in full effect.


America, the Great Prison Colony.


This is much akin to a man who is trying to build a house.  When there is nothing but land, trees, brush and rock around, anybody who walks by is a welcome friend; anyone who offers to help clear the brush and cut down the trees is a brother in arms.  But once the land is cleared, the foundation is poured, the joists and timbers are in place, the walls are constructed and there is a new house; soon after, the wall is erected.  All of those who labored are asked to step off the property and not return, and now the house has become a country club where only the select elect are invited.


We still see this today when we look at our golf clubs and courses around America.  There we run into a great deal of racism and denial of entry of those who can’t pass the “paper bag test”. 


America, the Great Country Club.


We have used the labor of those from all over the world.  And now we have America the way we want it.  We have outsourced most of our jobs.  The jobs we have not outsourced are automated and performed by machines.  So there’s no need for those pesky workers, those day laborers who keep the price of our vegetables down.  So back across the fence you go.  We are erecting a wall and the country club is closed to you.


We seem to have a vast wealth of ignorance.  We allow thousands of foreigners to come into this country simply because they have work visas, but primarily because they have a piece of paper that says they have a degree in a field from which we want to profit.  These people come into the country, drop out of college or leave the workforce and disappear into America.  Something about this says we are stuck on stupid.  Why do we fear someone with rudimentary, basic skills who is barely equipped to do lawn care, but we look at them as terrorists and construct large walls to keep them out?  But we admit into this country on a daily basis, those whose educations clearly denote that they are specialists in fields that could connect them with the building of chemical, nuclear or biological weapons.  Or that they are also qualified in using their education to get inside of secure networks within this country in which many of them hold jobs and positions which could bring this country to a crawl.  Someone please explain to me the logic in this.  Not only are we admitting people into this country with the educations to destroy it, but they come from countries who are our known enemies; and from countries whose religious beliefs are not consistent with our own.


Does this sound absurd to anyone, except me?


We have often heard over the airwaves the rhetoric of how filthy, dirty, disease-ridden the illegal immigrants are that come across the border.  Look how dangerous they are and how they pose a terrorist threat, we hear. But it is very interesting to note that these same disease-ridden immigrants that we hear of, we allow them to make our beds, carry our luggage, prepare our meals, serve our every whim and make our lives comfortable as we flock down to their countries for our elite vacations.  And we secretly hire them to care for our children, build our homes, cook and clean for us and take care of our gardens.


And yet, hardly an eye is blinked when a container or a ship comes ashore that is found to be stocked with illegal immigrants from Asia or Europe. 


Right before the massive immigration protests, there was another protest that got very little TV or radio time.  On St. Patrick’s Day the illegal immigrants from Ireland complained about their rights.  And there was no banter on the radio about deporting them.  Nor is there very much said about the illegal Italians who come into this country, start crime waves and hold New York City’s garment district andgarbage industry hostage with racketeering.  Instead, we glamorize them, write books about them, idolize them and glorify their murderous deeds. 


Where are the long debates about deporting them? 


We have seen statements placed on websites and voiced on the news about no other flag but Old Glory.  But not one word has been said in protest about all the Irish and Italian flags that are flown outside of every fire station and police department in boroughs of New York and Brooklyn.  We hear the rhetoric of “No other flag but the U.S. flag”.  But why was that speech not posted and printed when the debate burned long about the flying of the Confederate flag over the states’ capitols with its deep racist symbolism.  Why then, was it acceptable to hoist this flag along side the American flag?  Why don’t we just get to the point:  design the outline of a man dangling from a rope attached to a tree and put that image on a flag and hoist it up next to Old Glory?  It would have the same racist implications.  And yet no one stood up and sounded off. 


In fact, many of the people who are up in arms about building walls and their patriotic love of Old Glory took sides with the “Future Klansman of America” when they refused to take down this symbol of racist divisiveness and slavery.  In their own words, it represented their heritage.  Which, simply put, is a heritage of murder, rape and ownership of other human beings:  slavery.


There is a problem to me when I see the American flag hoisted high above all of our state capitols and directly underneath it, a Confederate flag.  To see the tears in the eyes who salute both of those flags, and the ignorance in those eyes of how offensive this is to American’s who stood side by side with them and fought to make this country great.  Those of many colors shed their blood, and that same blood, no matter what skin tone you are, is the reason why there are red stripes on the American flag:  a symbol of the blood shed to protect the land that all are not equal to enjoy.


If we do not take a look at where we are and what we are becoming, we will soon be the very thing that we hate:  we will be the epitome of evil.  And we will reap that which we have sown.  We have sown into the very fabric of this nation, divisive lines that we choose not to see until it affects us.  There are far too many young men from Central and South America and Mexico who have joined the military, die or get dismembered just to earn the right to become American citizens:  a legal American citizen. 


In this country there is hope.  There is hope that if you are an honest man and you don’t give up you can better your conditions; unlike in other parts of the world, where you are born into a caste society.  If your mother was a prostitute, then you can only aspire to be a prostitute.  If your father makes bricks or sweeps the sewage in the streets, then you can only aspire to one day own a broom and push the same sewage down the same streets.  You are never allowed to marry outside your caste.  And even looking upon someone who happened to be born inside a house with running water, could cause you to be stoned to death.  There is no opportunity for advancement, and the only thing to look forward to from the cradle to the grave, is that you will be sweeping someone’s sewage and that you will never be treated as a human being.


If we’re going to have an immigration policy it should start with ‘All who come are treated the same, regardless of skin color’.  If other countries decided not to accept American citizens who had criminal records of any kind, a vast number of Americans would never be allowed to leave our borders. 


Before we get too comfortable under Old Glory, everyone in this country should remember that we were once all immigrants.  We all came from someplace else.  And no matter how they try to rewrite history and claim that others were in America first, America was stolen with the aid of disease-filled blankets and a broken promise that the true Americans would be treated as equals.  We all know how that story ended.  Maybe instead of being rushed off to reservations, this time when history repeats itself, we will simply be rushed off to “Wellness Centers” or Internment camps to pay for the sins of our fathers.


It would be wise to remember:  Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.  The handwriting is on the wall.  And it is written in the Red, the White and the Blue.


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