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And Enoch Also

Prophesied:  The Epiphany

The Awakening of the Second Witness


Plus Bonus 2nd Edition of “The Empty Tomb” Included


Written by:

Rev. Dr. Ricardo Enoch Nuñez


And Enoch also,

the seventh from Adam,

Prophesied of these, saying, Behold,

The Lord cometh with

ten thousands of his saints!


The Epistle of Jude

Verse 14

7 and 7


The Empty Tomb

Book One:  Peace, Be Still


Chapter 1: What Time is It? 

This sermon examines the disciples’ eternal question: “When shall these things be, and what shall be the time of thy coming?”  In this topic we look at current events and correlate them to biblical texts to give an interesting and introspective appraisal of our place in God’s panoramic view.


Chapter 2: First Contact 

What is your God-shaped void filled with?  Have you made contact with our Creator or do you seek spiritual comfort in worldly activity?  This sermon takes us back to the Creation and throughout the Bible to reveal the characteristics of  a true Christian.


Chapter 3: Job’s Comforters 

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.  In these days, the word “friend” is used so commonly, that it carries little meaning.  This discourse admonishes us to choose our friends wisely:  the friend that sticketh closer than a brother.


Chapter 4: Will a Man Rob God? 

Robbing God goes far beyond the collection plate.  The message here inspires us to be mindful of our actions and behavior when God blesses us.


Chapter 5: The Handwriting on the Wall 

God warns Christians to come out from amongst the unrighteous.  Have the sins of this country  reached the point that God’s judgment will be upon us soon?  Christians are called to be separated because time is short.


Chapter 6: Rise, Take up Thy Bed and Walk 

Once the new believer accepts Jesus, is there a change in behavior expected?  If you can still comfortably live a worldly lifestyle, perhaps you have not heeded the command, “Take up your bed and walk”.


Chapter 7: Peace, Be Still 

How do you deal with life’s storms?  The Christian learns to listen to that small, still voice that says, “Peace, Be Still”.  God is in control, even in tribulation.


The Empty Tomb

Book Two:  My Spirit Shall Not Always Strive with Man


Chapter 1: As it Was in the Days of Noe 

In Noah’s day, giants roamed the earth.  Who were these creatures?  And are they still here today?  Doctor Nuñez reveals startling, biblical proof that the giants of the past are today’s “aliens”,  and are deceiving the world. Will God judge the world as He did in Noah’s day?


Chapter 2: A Tale of Two Cities 

A comparison of biblical cities of the past and the corrupt cities of the present.  Does our country compare to Joseph’s Egypt or to Sodom and Gomorrah?  Are our leaders guiding us along the narrow path or taking the wide way?


Chapter 3: Peace, Peace When There is No Peace

In today’s newspapers, radio and  television the topic of discussion is:  Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?   Will there just be peace from a world filled with violent crime?  In this world so violent and growing more so each day, why are our political and spiritual leaders standing up and proclaiming “Peace, Peace When There is No Peace?  What judgment will befall the pastors and ministers who proclaim such a false peace?


Chapter 4: What Must I Do to Be Saved? 

In this expositional sermon Dr. Nunez addresses the issue of what it means to confess with your mouth before men that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior; that Christ died for your sins and paid the price once and for all.  Accepting this gift of salvation also calls for you to believe in your heart, soul and body.  Once you’ve accepted Christ Jesus, you must put away that old man (sinful ways)

who is dead in Christ and put on the new man born and washed in the shed blood of Christ.


Chapter 5: So God Created Man in His Own Image

(Am I My Brother’s Keeper?) 

If God created mankind in His own image, why do we hate each other for the way we look?  How can we, as Christians, claim to love God whom we can’t see, yet hate those who God created in His image?  If we are created in God’s image, how do the scriptures describe God?  The subject of racism is volatile, at best, for the carnal man.  Yet it is a subject that is still, in this time, a divisive

thorn used to separate the body of Christ and be the catalyst for Satan’s inroads into dividing and destroying families, friends, jobs, government, countries, nations and churches.  We sing of love and praise to God, yet hate His creation.  Is this Christ-like or Satan-like?


Chapter 6: A Rose of Sharon by Any Other Name (What’s In a Name?) 

What name do you go by?  Is there meaning in a name or title beyond just the way it sounds?  Is there power in words and why do we allow people to call us just anything at all?  After you read this chapter, you may take a different view of the importance of your name and what you allow others to call you.


Chapter 7: About My Father’s Business 

We all know why we go to church on Sunday, but what are we about the night before or the day after Sunday?  Whose business are we doing when we think no one is looking?  Do you put your faith and Christian walk on the shelf, along with your dusty bible until next Sunday or are you about your Father’s business?  Do you study, preach, teach, learn the Word on Sunday, but live the

world the minute Church is over?

The Empty Tomb

Book Three: That Thou Do, Doest Quickly


Chapter 1: A Prophet is This,  A False Prophet is That

(Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That) 

What is a true prophet of God?  From whom should we seek guidance?  We are a nation overrun by 1-900 numbers, psychics, soothsayers, and astrologers predicting our every move.  Are they heaven sent or hell bound?  What do the scriptures tell us about seeking familiar spirits?  What are the dangers of following those lead by Ascended Masters, clairvoyants, prophets, and the like?  Who should God’s people follow?  Is there a connection to this nation’s present problems and our turning away from God as our spiritual leader and towards those who are in contact with familiar spirits?


Chapter 2:  A Wedding to Remember (Did you Forget?) 

A celebration table is being set.  The event?  A wedding to remember!  Did you forget or were you not invited?  Is what you’ve been told about the rapture found and supported by scripture or has it just been passed down from one misled pastor to another?  Where did the pre-tribulation rapture theory start and by whom?  A special invitation is sent to the event of your lifetime.  Will you  be prepared or left out?  Are we escapists or overcomers?


Chapter 3:  Why Persecutest Thou Me? 

By not preaching the full and complete gospel of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we as pastors persecute the body of Christ.  When a church hears only about salvation and not about repentance or judgment for continuing a sinful way of life, pastors are guilty of watering down the Word so as not to offend.  We go out of our way to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s

until we have also given away that which is Christ’s:  our selves, souls and characters are compromised in an attempt to go along to get along.  Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  By teaching comfort sermons we water down the Word and conform Christ into a flower peddler who has not authority to judge or chastise.


Chapter 4:  It Is Finished

(With That He Bowed His Head and Gave up the Ghost) 

As a Christian, we are all bought with a price paid once and for all on the cross!  God is God all by himself and no one or thing or deed will bring you salvation but Christ.  It is finished!  It is not to be added to or taken away from!


Chapter 5: The Lord’s Prayer (When Should You and How to Pray) 

Many brothers and sisters of the faith have asked this question:  Should I pray for specific needs?  What about the deaf, mentally retarded, how can they be saved?  Will God hear them?  Should I pray in public or by myself?  And how does God discern my needs from my wants?


Chapter 6: Try the Spirits

(By Whose Authority Do You Come Unto Me?) 

Every spirit is not of the Holy Spirit.  Are there really ghosts?  Are they our long-lost loved ones or something seeking to draw us into the occult?  What is demonic possession?  Can it happen to you?


Chapter 7:  The Empty Tomb 

What is a church, man or woman without the Lord and savior dwelling inside you?  An empty tomb full of dead men’s bones!  Do you put your faith in someone who could not save himself?  Or do you rely on Jesus Christ, who left behind an empty tomb?  We encourage each believer to read the bible and search the scriptures for reproof.  Find out for yourself if what you are told is based in scripture.



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And Enoch Also Prophesied:  The Epiphany

Book Four:  Babel, Babylon and the United States


Chapter 1:  The Antichrist and the False Prophet.

We learn in this sermon that time was the key that held the book of Daniel sealed.  And now we find that the book of Daniel is the key that opens the mysteries of the Revelation.  It is only now, at this point in time, that we are able to completely interpret these books that have for so long held questions and concerns for us.  The stage is set for a false messiah and his false prophet to make their entrance.  The true identity of the antichrist is revealed plainly in scripture, but only now can we see the handwriting on the wall.


Chapter 2:  Study to Show Thyself Approved  

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Americans were drawn to churches nationwide.  We have all questioned this and other events and wondered why God would allow such things to happen to us?  Why indeed.  God’s wrath has a right to be kindled against this nation.  Dr. Nunez reveals the real reasons behind the escalating trials and tribulations in which America finds herself.  Are these the birthing pangs of a nation hurtling towards cataclysm?


Chapter 3:  Babel, Babylon and the United States 

A fascinating comparison of the cultures and conduct of ancient Babel and Babylon to the present-day mores of the United States.  Have we brought destruction upon ourselves by tolerating false religions and abominable behavior for the sake of political correctness?  Moreover, have we sacrificed our children by leaving them to the demonic reality of new age lifestyles, satanic books, movies and video games?  When the ancient peoples of Babel and Babylon turned their backs on God, the bible is very clear about God’s response.  Should we expect any less for this country?


Chapter 4:  What Manner of Man Are You?  

What attributes make a man, and moreover, what attributes make a pastor and true man of God?  Are churches being led down the wide path for the sake of full pews and overflowing collection plates?  God’s sheep are being given milk as comfort sermons when we have need of serious meat.  False doctrines and fake spiritual gifts have taken the place of God’s word and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because so many pastors today are not preaching the truth, we have multitudes of people who believe they are equipped for the days ahead, when in fact, they are ill-prepared and living in a delusion.  Soon the Good Shepherd will separate the sheep from the goats.  What manner of man are you?


Chapter 5:  What Will You Trade for Salvation?

This provocative sermon examines a nation and a time fast approaching those times that God’s word spoke of:  when your ability to buy and sell will be determined by your decision to accept the mark of the beast.  When you are weighed in the balances, what will the final result be?  Will you stand before God and have to explain how having a full stomach and a good job were much

more important than your eternal life with Him? 


Chapter 6:  Is America Going to Hell? 

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned a sermon by this very name just before he was assassinated by the evil called racism.  Rev. Dr. Ricardo Enoch Nuñez picks up the torch and carries it forward as a beacon to shine a spotlight on those would seek to corrupt God’s word and use it to justify racism.   There’s a huge, dead elephant lying in the living room of this country.  How long can we ignore the stinking carcass of racism?  Will the blessings that this country has grown accustomed to become the curse of an unjust nation?


Chapter 7:  Who Do Men Say That I Am?

How is it that the very people who read God’s words every Sabbath in the synagogues, could not recognize him as he walked among them? Did Jesus challenge the way they preached and carried themselves as men of God?  Had the preachers of that day strayed so far from the teaching of God that they taught a gospel that exalted themselves instead of God and made Christ foreign to them?  Did Jesus threaten their way of life enough for them to have him killed?  If Jesus walked among us today, would the churches of today exalt him or execute him? The question is Who is Jesus?  And moreover, Who is Jesus to you?

And Enoch Also Prophesied:  The Epiphany

Book Five:  The Second Exodus


Chapter 1:  O Taste and See that the Lord is Good 

This sermon depicts the whole reading of the scriptures in the way our Lord and Savior takes the physical aspect of providing our bodies with foods; the physical aspect of our senses to convey a very strong point:  The bible teaches man about himself through the things that man understands.  But the Lord intends for us, as Christians, to go beyond the carnal; not just understanding the letter of the law, but the spirit as well.  In so doing, understand that there are fruits of the Holy Spirit.  When David speaks of O taste and see that the Lord is good, he is not speaking on Happy Meals, yams or soul food.  The Lord is directing our senses toward our spiritual hunger and spiritual thirst.


Chapter 2:  The Antichrist and the False Prophet

Part 2:  The Antichrist Revealed 

This sermon expands upon the basis of the man of perdition found in The Antichrist and the False Prophet Part 1 to explain the workings of the palaces and principalities that seek to govern the spiritual realm.  Many of Lucifer’s psychotic behaviors are well-noted in the Revelation and throughout the bible.  His ongoing scheme to glorify himself and to deceive man into doing the same have caused man and high technology to open gateways for the promise of power, prestige and position.


Chapter 3:  They Shall Mount Up with Wings as Eagles

(But First They Must Leave the Comfort of the Nest) 

There is a growing problem and void that is forever growing between parents and children and young adults.  The lack of respect and the soulless ability of our children to commit heinous crimes that, only a few years ago, was expected of seasoned adults.  We see the need to go back and regain Christian authority over our households and our children.  We’ve left our children in a state in which they cannot manage their lives or function appropriately in society.  There is a strong need for us to go back to basics in the rearing of our children in preparation for that day that they will finally leave the nest.  They shall run and not grow weary and they will know the majestic freedom of soaring on wings of eagles as spiritually mature adults.


Chapter 4:  But For the Vision of an Ass 

Once again, the Lord is showing us the spiritual seam that He has sewn throughout the bible.  As the Lord continually attempts to identify, in this book that we call the Holy Bible, that we must have spiritual discernment and spiritual vision to truly understand the book of God.  He warns us of the dangers of walking around with only carnal sight.  We are also given a vision into the great love that the Lord has for us.  That He will use even the voice of an ass to get His message out to His people.  We see that it is not important who comes before us, as much as it is the focus of the words that they bring to us.  We’re not called to judge the messenger.  The bible instructs us to try the spirits, and by their fruits we shall know them:  not by what they wear or the title they hold.


Chapter 5:  The Load Bearing Wheel 

While driving to visit a sister church, I noticed an old sharecropper’s wagon rusting away in waist-high weeds along an old country road.  As I gazed at the wagon, my mind’s eye pondered over the fact that the back two wheels (farmers know them as the load bearing wheels), were still intact and still standing tall while the rest of the wagon had deteriorated.  It gave me pause to wonder how many loads and how many souls those load bearing wheels had to bear up.  It took until this sermon; a sermon on who has been carrying the total load for mankind.  Through right and wrong, the Lord has born our sins, our burdens and the load of injustices that have been poured out upon mankind.  This sermon connects us with the root of our relationship with the Father.  We are, once again, made to understand that God cannot be placed in a box.  We believe in a God who can carry any load and any burden.  Our joy lies in the fact that He is God all by Himself.  He has been our load-bearer since we were formed in the womb and He called us from the earth.  And God will fight our battles if we will simply instill our faith in the One who created us and not in ourselves.


Chapter 6:  The Second Exodus 

We are given a view from the timeline in which we now live.  This sermon takes a look at the situations that are around us.  We see that there is a very strong resemblance to the time when God told Moses and Aaron to go into Pharaoh’s court.  Moses and Aaron not only had to deal with Pharaoh, a man whose heart had grown stony and was full of self worship, but it is interesting to note that they had to deal with Jannes and Jambres.  Today, we would call them astrologers, psychics, or witches.  No matter the title, they perform the same act.  By such we see that when stepping into Pharaoh’s court, you’re not only dealing with a flesh and blood, delusion person, but also with principalities and powers.  These are spirits of great wickedness who come together to kill and destroy all those who oppose Pharaoh’s reign and his authority over them.  In this sermon we lay down the comparison of Pharaoh’s court to the injustice of some of the laws we live under now.  This comparison clearly reveals that we are headed for a second exodus.  And most of us will be making that journey in spirit only, for the scriptures read:  We will be killed all the day long, as sheep led to the slaughter, for His namesake.  We witness the horrific beginnings of the separation and exodus by the spiritual wickedness that was set free in Iraq, Babylon as it were.  That same spirit that brought about the beheading of American hostages is an old spirit.  The same spirit that brought about the beheading of James Byrd, Jr. and the lynching and burning of countless others.  The follow-up to the heinous, demonic act is a nation whose people have turned against each other.  It has become commonplace to read of family members severing the heads of their loved one.  This is just one of many demons that will take siege over the land.


Chapter 7:  A Moment in Gethsemane 

As senior pastor and author, my heart has yearned that the scriptures would reveal to me, to my congregation and to my fellow clergy a deeper, spiritual look and discernment regarding a moment in Gethsemane.  The Lord revealed to me that it was not only He who had to drink from this cup, but that each of us who picks up our cross and carries the name Christian (to be Christ-like) must all drink from the cup that set before us.  We cannot trade our cup, nor can we drink from others’.  That our cup was poured for us before the foundations of this earth.  Even through character assassination, physical torture and bodily harm we must drink from our cup; we must finish the course.  After we have prayed, we are all called to rise from our knees and into action to make a stand for the faith in which we clothe ourselves.  We must be willing to die as a testament to our faith and as a testament to those apostles and disciples who were willing to die that we might get the word.  Those who sacrificed their lives teaching and preaching the gospel during a time much like now, when it is not readily acceptable, nor safe to do so.

And Enoch Also Prophesied:  The Epiphany

Book Six:  And Enoch Also Prophesied


Chapter 1:  The Pride of Life (I Am or I Will, Over Thy Will)   

In this sermon topic, The Pride of Life, we go back to the first time that pride was found in Lucifer.  We learn how Lucifer chose to put himself above mankind and above the very God who created him to rebel against the kingdom of heaven.  This is the first time that pride is found.  But we will show how Satan has used what was in him to defile the bloodline and the heart of mankind.  We understand clearly why the Lord says in Proverbs 6:16-19:  16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud  look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.  We prayerfully seek that when you read these words and scriptures, that the Holy Spirit will discern in you those things that are of the flesh and prideful in nature; those things that might cause the Lord to turn away from you.  That you might recognize them, repent of them and seek God’s face.


Chapter 2:  The Rain Falls on Both the Just and Unjust Alike

In today’s world, we look outwardly at each other and other nations to find fault in others.  There is little or no introspection.  We are counted as a blessed nation, and so we’ve never worried about other countries as their people starved and the skies dried up above them.  But the holy scriptures teach us that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.  We also know that there is a season for all things.  Just as we sit back and let the sins of our fathers destroy us, and we watch other nations suffer and die when we could clearly give them aid; we find that the bitter rains of hatred, sickness, poverty and pestilence are now raining down on our beloved nation.  Just as we watched other nations suffer, go to war and live in fear, now we too, are starting to smell the rain clouds of tribulation that are forming overhead.


Chapter 3:  Adam, Where Art Thou? 

This sermon calls out to everyone of us that God will search high and low to find you.  That His desire for us is that not one of us step out of His will for us.  That we will seek a more initiate relationship with the Father through His son Jesus Christ.  And we will demonstrate through scripture, the pitfalls of those who chose their will over God’s will.


Chapter 4:  Physician Heal Thyself    

In this sermon topic we look at the spiritual meaning of God’s words concerning, ‘Physician Heal Thyself’.  We will learn how, just as physicians know the human body and can diagnose themselves, we too, as Christians and being under the authority of the Great Physician, can heal our spiritual bodies.  By reading the Lord’s word, the Holy Bible is to our spirits what the Physician’s Desk Reference is to a physician.  And sometimes when we are facing the loss of life, when the doctors have done all that they can do, we need to seek God’s face and get our spiritual bodies ready for the life after this one.  We also will go into the character and the spiritual growth my physician and close friend, Dr. David Keith Harris.


Chapter 5:  In Which Direction Do You Pitch Your Tent? 

In this sermon, I take you back visually in time to put your soul in touch with the decision that Lot made.  Lot’s tent was focused with the front door facing Sodom and Gomorrah.  As senior pastor, I want all who walk in the faith to understand that what you allow under your roof or in which direction you focus your attention will soon become a part of you.  You might shortly find yourself

not pitched on the outskirts of a vile and wicked way of life, but you might find yourself dwelling within the walls of sin itself.  We should be mindful of what we focus on and what we allow to focus on us.


Chapter 6:  Have You Considered the End of a Thing?  

This very topic takes us to the apex of our faith.  Our youth walk around, as well as many adults thinking about how to get more money or be prosperous.  What car do we drive and what is in our closets?  Our focus is totally on today and on the carnal or the flesh.  Most youth and adults of this time cannot answer you straightforwardly and honestly if they believe in a heaven or a hell.  So they cannot definitely tell you whether they are worried about ending up in one nor the other.  This sermon is a soul searcher, in which throughout the question is raised, by use of those written of in the bible, ‘Have you considered the end of a thing?’  Have you prepared yourself for the day that your health might fail you?  For the date that someone you love might leave you?  Have you prepared yourself for when war is at your front door?  Or when that cute little baby grows up to call you names and threaten your life?  Have you considered the end of a thing?


Chapter 7:  And Enoch Also Prophesied

(Also I Heard The Voice Of The Lord Saying, Whom Shall I Send And

Whom Will Go For Us? Then I Said, Here Am I, Send Me)  

We find very little in the scriptures about Enoch: who was seventh from Adam; the very Enoch who was the scribe of God.  The books that are found are usually books that are considered apocryphal, which simply means that theologians decided at the Council of Nycea that they did not want to put these books into the bible.  However, we find in the book of Genesis and in the book of Jude and throughout the scriptures that some of the very words used there were those written by Enoch.  And those words have now been placed in the bible under other apostles names.  We will delve into who Enoch was; why God said that Enoch pleased Him; and why God took Enoch and Elijah, neither tasting death.  We will relate these passages to the book of Revelation.  We will correlate these two witnesses and compare the words of God and His holy bible, where we continually see the presence of two men clothed in white; even at the tomb of Jesus.  We will also show, not only have these men returned throughout time and have been recorders of time, but that they also will be here in these end days.  That, after their ministry has been fulfilled on this earth, the killing of these two witnesses will usher in the Great Tribulation.

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